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Happy Book Birthday to To Right the Wrongs by Sheryl Scarborough

Happy New Books Tuesday, readers! Here’s what went on sale today:

To Right the Wrongs by Sheryl Scarborough

Erin Blake has one goal for summer vacation: leave behind her reputation as the girl whose mom was murdered, and just be normal girl enjoying her first real romance.

Unfortunately — or maybe fortunately for a mystery fanatic — her hot new boyfriend has an unsolved murder in his own past. When Journey was a baby, his father was convicted of the murder of a teenage runaway and sent to prison.

Journey barely remembers his father, but he’s been researching the case and something doesn’t add up. His father had no reason to kill anyone, much less a teenager, and he’s always maintained his innocence. Journey’s convinced he was framed.

Hopefully, he and Victor, the former FBI crime scene expert, will be able to prove it. But if Journey’s father didn’t do it, that means somebody else did— and after getting away with it for sixteen years, that person could be more dangerous than ever.

So, Erin and her friends are under strict orders not to meddle in the case…but that’s easier said than done.

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